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We manufacture steel estate fencing based on the original period fencing used in parks and estates. Our estate fencing is suitable for enclosing your livestock including cattle, horses, deer and sheep or just as a decorative feature. It’s important to us that all fencing is manufactured from the highest quality steel and fabricated by our team of highly skilled welders. The processes we employ ensure that both we and our customers have the confidence that our fencing is smart, robust and will last for decades to come.


Our estate fencing is suitable for all types of land and soil. We produce two designs of fencing, a pre-fabricated section as well as continuous estate fencing. Both types of fencing look identical when installed and we offer a 4 and 5 bar fence as standard.


We also provide pre-made panels or sections, which are suitable for flat lying land. These sections have a trident foot at each end which is fixed into the ground and the next panel is bolted onto it. The estate fencing is produced in 2m sections as standard, and is very easy to install. All fence panels are finished in a black vinyl paint as standard with fixtures and fittings included. Others colours and bespoke sized fencing panels are all available on request.

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