Garden Arches & Vine Arches

Welcome to our new range of garden arches. These are a wonderful way to give your garden more depth and add some character to a sometimes more austere background. Pleaching began in the 17th century and was a method of training trees or shrubs into covered avenues or tunnels. Vine arches can be used to train just about any form of open climber and are also suitable for grapes, limes, wisteria, hazel, yew and particularly labernum with its clusters of yellow flowers cascading downwards.

Vine Arches


  • Standard garden arches measure 3m wide and 2.5m in height.
  • Larger versions can also be manufactured 5m wide and 3.5m high spacing is typically 3m to 4m apart.
  • The larger version would take cars and vans etc. and would enhance driveway entrances and approaches.
  • When dusk arrives lighting could also create the right atmosphere.
  • High tensile wire is used.
  • Form the framework to the tunnel.
  • Garden arches can be supplied in any numbers but tensioning.
  • Struts are recommended on the ends.
  • Plant ties from any.
  • Garden center will anchor foliage to wires.

Garen Arches

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